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Men's World Rankings - Historical

There is currently no official system of World Rankings for Australian Football, as the international game is still mostly amateur, still maturing and historically there have been insufficient matches between the nations to reliably compare them. However, at worldfootynews.com, we have attempted to create a ranking which resulted in opinion based tables for 2006, 2008 and a statistically based table since 8th August 2010.

For our latest rankings and links to criteria and methods, see World Rankings - Current.

Previous Unofficial World Rankings

Perhaps the best measure of nations historically has been the International Cups. They have been the most consistent forum for contests, although even there most nations could name several key players that were unable to attend to each time. Also, the best nations have generally attended, but often not the middle and lower ranked ones. A summary of International Cup positions is found here.

Below are links to all the World Footy News rankings since 2006.

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