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World Rankings as at end 23rd August 2014

There is currently no official system of World Rankings for Australian Football, as the international game is still mostly amateur, still maturing and there are often difficulties in nations having all their best players available. However, due to popular demand, worldfootynews.com has been providing rankings since 2006. Below are the current rankings as at end 23rd August 2014.

This is our first formal World Rankings since 26th April 2014, and follows the completion of the 2014 AFL International Cup.

Canada and Japan are the big risers. Canada has climbed 6 places, winning four of their five IC14 matches, where fortunately for them the rating gap of each opponent was less than +/- 2.95 and because in three of these matches Canada achieved +40 point wins the rate exchange was the maximum of + 3.00 in each case. Their only loss was to their perennial nemesis USA where they lost only 1.04 rating points. The Northwind gained a total 10.91 rating points over the course of the tournament. No doubt the Revolution will be keen for another 49th Parallel Cup battle to climb back above their Northern foe.

Japan won three from five, two of these winning matches reaped maximum +/-3.00 rate exchanges whilst they dropped only 0.46 rating points in the loss to Tonga seeing the Samurai climb from 19th to 16th place. Japan added a total of 6.78 rating points during the Cup. Japan had previously played a lot of teams well up the ladder and their rating points had suffered as a result, so their rise can be seen as something of a correction.

The biggest fall was by the Israel-Palestine Peace Team, and although not competing in this year’s IC, each of Japan, Sweden and France added enough rating points to climb above them.

Ironically Fiji started the Cup on 40.18 rating points and finished with exactly the same 40.18 rating points but slipped one place as Canada climbed above them.

Congratulations Papua New Guinea on winning a great grand final match and rising to #2 behind Australia on the WFN World Rankings. And well done to Pakistan and Indonesia who join our rankings (if only provisionally so far) for the very first time.

World Footy News Australian Football World Rankings

(as at end of 23rd August 2014, completion of IC2014)

Rank Team Points Games Rank Change
1 Australia - steady
2 Papua New Guinea 57.66 34 +1
3 Ireland 56.68 49 -1
4 New Zealand 55.09 38 steady
5 Nauru 53.30 27 steady
6 South Africa 49.63 27 steady
7 Canada 47.99 42 +6
8 United States 46.30 42 steady
9 Great Britain 44.69 54 -2
10 Denmark 43.67 47 steady
11 Tonga 41.93 14 -2
12 Croatia 40.35 8 -1
13 Fiji 40.18 14 -1
14 France 39.09 13 +1
15 Sweden 38.53 35 +1
16 Japan 37.17 29 +3
17 Peace Team 36.46 11 -3
18 Germany 34.09 16 steady
19 China 28.84 16 -2
20 Finland 27.45 18 steady
21 India 23.01 16 steady
Dorm. Samoa 41.85 18 **
Dorm. Iceland 35.64 4 **
Prov. Indonesia 32.66 5 *
Prov. Pakistan 32.35 5 *
Prov. Timor-Leste 27.40 6 *

* Nations marked in grey with an asterisk have played less than eight (8) matches under our criteria, and currently hold provisional ranking points, but are not yet officially ranked.
** Countries that have not played a qualifying full field match for 4 years are considered dormant and after 8 years fall off our list altogether. Samoa has not played a qualifying full field match for over 4 years and so are regarded as dormant, they must play by 05/09/2016 to stay on the list. Spain fell off the list based on this criteria in 2013.

   For a full discussion of the eligibility criteria of games see World Rankings - Criteria

   For a full list of the included matches, see World Rankings - Matches

   For a full discussion of how the rankings are produced, see World Rankings - Method

   For previous rankings see World Rankings - Historical

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