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World Rankings 2006

There is currently no official system of World Rankings for Australian Football, most likely because the international game is still mostly amateur and still maturing so there are insufficient matches between the nations to reliably compare them. Even when there are matches, countries are often restricted by the inability of players to always be available for travel.

However, worldfootynews.com has attempted to create an unofficial ranking in 2006. The main caveats and background discussion article are given below the rankings.

worldfootynews.com World Rankings 2006

1. Australia
2. Papua New Guinea
3. New Zealand
4. USA
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Denmark
8. Great Britain
9. Canada
10. Samoa
12. Nauru
13. Sweden
14. Tonga
15. Spain
16. Germany
17. France


  • Final rankings are ordered based on the votes of nine worldfootynews.com staff
  • Although every effort has been made to be thorough, rankings are always subjective and ours do not purport to be official
  • Nations must be considered likely to have at least 20 or so players available under International Cup rules (this excludes expat-Australians)
  • Based on players expected to meet IC05 eligibility criteria and likely to be available, e.g. Irish players in the AFL thus far have not been available for Ireland (else Ireland would clearly be ranked #2), whereas Australia has 1000s of amateur and semi-pro players who would be available for such tournaments as IC08 if Australia was included
  • Relies heavily on IC05 results and other internationals, taking into account whether nations sent near full-strength teams to the other tournaments
  • Great Britain ranked as a whole primarily as they compete as such at International Cups

Background Discussion

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World Rankings 2006
Authored by: Cam Homes on Wednesday, September 02 2009 @ 05:42 pm ACST

Has anybody had a look at the Rugby Union World Ranking system? I believe it could be modified and used to rank the countries playing AFL. I played around with and applied it to the IC competitions and also added some "international" (I believe they were full 18-a --side games) matches that I found on Footy World and the results come out quite well even though there are some problems such as the leading country quickly ended up with a points ranking above 100. Also using the bonus core rating change of X 1.5 for when a country won by more than 15pts was a bit generous and quickly helped the points gaps to blow out. When you compare rugby scores to AFL scores and the fact that there were rather large differences in abilities between the teams in the IC's a larger margin is obviously needed . I tried 40 pts and that helped slow down the Rating gaps.
Obviously that size of the sample of matches is probably too small, a larger sample with more matches with countries with similar abilities would also tend to"level" the playing field and reduce such large jumps in the core rating changes. If there is any body interested I am happy to supply my calculations and willing to hear any other suggestions. Also any one with more results of "Full International (18-a-side games) Matches" between countries from Leagues archives would be most useful in further testing a modified Rugby World Ranking to produce a suitable AFL World Ranking scheme please reply or post a comment.