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Former Contributors

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteer writers and staff who have worked for World Footy News in the past. Obviously the site has been dependent on such contributions right from the start. Below are some of the former staff:

Rod Shaw - New Zealand (and others) correspondent 2007-15
Shane Hendrickson - Indonesia, Timor Leste, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong correspondent 2012-15
Ash Nugent - Writer and editor 2006-14
Salvatore Capoferri - Canada correspondent 2007-14
Tobietta Rhyman - UK and Women's footy correspondent 2011-14 and a key member of the 2011 International Cup coverage
Leiha Shrubsall - Women's footy (Ireland) correspondent 2011-14
Shane Hendrickson - Asia correspondent 2012-14
Luke Anderson - Singapore correspondent 2012-13
Sudip Chakraborty - India correspondent 2011-13
Adam Bennett - UK correspondent 2009-12
Lisa Roper - Women's footy (Australia) correspondent 2009-10
Chris Adams - USA correspondent 2006-11
Andrew Sawitsch - Asia correspondent 2004, China and Japan correspondent 2011
Matt Morris - Fiji and Tonga correspondent 2005-06
Wayne Kraska - US correspondent 2005-06
Matt Guthrie - Ireland correspondent 2004-05 and a key member of the 2005 International Cup coverage
Julian "Rooster" Clark - Asia correspondent 2004-05
Brendan Cunningham - Asia correspondent 2005-06
Jake Anson - writer and editor 2004-07
Ben Leahy - Asia correspondent 2006-07
Matthew Riggs - Canada correspondent 2006-07
Ian Hill - Denmark and Sweden correspondent 2005-07
Damian Waldron - Site support 2007-08
Peter Parry - International Rules and Wales correspondent 2004-08
Graeme Carey - Southeast Asia correspondent 2008-09
John Corrigan - Ireland correspondent 2009-10
Roy Obal - Japan correspondent 2009

Original software installation by Tobin Richard. Original banner artwork by Sean McPhillips. We also gratefully acknowledge the assistance of other individuals who have contributed to the site - their names appear on stories that they have submitted - but also to everyone who has passed on information that has allowed us to compile the news.

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