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Opinion: New Head of Women's Football Needs To Take The Blinkers Off

  • Friday, November 17 2017 @ 08:33 am ACDT
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The AFL's release of the news that Nicole Livingstone has been appointed as the Head of Women's football came through early this morning via press release.

I am glad to see that a woman has been appointed to the position. I think that there are perhaps many women with a better understanding of women's football and may have been a better choice, but am prepared to see what Nicole can do.  She will bring a high personal profile and national recognition to the position.  I respect and have enjoyed what she has done in sport and in the media. 

The cynical side of me says that she may be a puppet of the AFL commission in place to head nod to their agenda overall rather than to represent the interests of women's footy. But that's not really my biggest concern.

In the statement, where she was directly quoted it appears that she sees the game only as Australian.

“The growth of women’s AFL has been extraordinary. Every Australian girl can now actively pursue footy as their passion, past time or career. Importantly girls can now follow their dreams and as they do, we will continue to break down any barriers that may exist. 

“I’m excited by the challenge of growing the sport from a community grass roots level right through to high performance along with ensuring the league is commercially sustainable.

“There are many passionate AFL people around the country, all wanting to see the AFLW find its place in the hearts and minds of Australians and I look forward to connecting with them,” she said. 

I would encourage women (and girls) from every league and country playing the game around the world to contact Nicole and let her know you are out there as soon as possible.  Let her know that every decision she makes she should consider all women in the game, not just those located on Australian terra firma. Let her know that you love the game too and have football dreams just like those girls in Australia. Let her know you are along for the ride and that it would be negligent for her to leave you behind.

If she is smart she would quickly put together a committee of world women's footy to get her up to speed and consult with.

Good luck Nicole but please take those green and gold blinkers off.