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Saturday, February 29 2020 @ 07:23 am ACDT

Farum Cats enviable premiership record

A recent story by World Footy news reported on the great AFL/VFL eras. The article left open the possibility of clubs around the world coming forward with their own eras of greatness. It certainly hasn’t taken long for one great dynasty to show itself, and the story is quite remarkable. Enter, the Farum Cats from Denmark.

Ian Hill, creator of The Footy Record and long-time stalwart of the Australian Rules football scene in Denmark responded to the article (Dynasties, Cycles and Golden Eras - http://www.worldfootynews.com/article...2721192556 ) with his own comment on the Cats’ efforts.

Ian stated that “if the investigation extends to foreign leagues , how about the Farum Cats in Denmark? [They played in] five consecutive Grand Finals from 2004-2008 with a hat-trick of premierships in the middle three years. And now they've gone one better with another run of five Grand Finals for four consecutive premierships and that run is still open [to be continued] from 2010-2014.The last three of their current four-peat was achieved with not a single Australian player in the team. In total that's eleven years for ten Grand Finals and seven premierships.”

The record books bear this out. The Farum Cats won their first premiership in 1996, after losing their first grand final in 1995. Back then the club was known as the Farum Lions (club founder Jim Campion liked the FFC link between the Fitzroy Football club and the Farum Football Club) and they would go on to be runners-up again in both 1997 and 1998 as Lions.

In 2002 the club changed its name to the Farum Cats (the club Jim supported) after an agreement with the Geelong Cats. It has been a much different Farum history since then.

The golden era began in 2004 when again they were runner-up, but this was the precursor to a three-peat premiership dominance with flags from 2005-07. Runner-up again in 2008 was followed by their single recent rest on grand final day before the cogs whirred into gear again and haven’t stopped.

Runner-up again in 2010, the Farum Cats have since dominated the DAFL (Danish Australian Football League) with flags in 2011, 2012, 2013 and again this year.

2014 saw the club finish second on the home and away ladder, yet come grand final day trounced the Port Malmö Maulers – 19 12 126 to 5 11 41 to put an enormous exclamation mark on their dominance.

It is difficult to name a better run of success that this Farum Cats dynasty. But the invitation still stands to inform World Footy News of any similar dynasties or golden eras from anywhere in Australia or around the world.

Left: The 2007 Farum cats holding aloft the premiership cup at Copenhagen landmark, The Little Mermaid
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