Meet the players - Steven Maguire - Great Britain

Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 11:17 am ACST

Contributed by: Michael Christiansen

Meet the players - Steven Maguire (Great Britain).

Steven has been featured with the Round 2 goal of the day - somewhat ironically as a likely simple goal suddenly made more difficult.

Name :Steven Maguire
Club (Home)Birmingham Bears
Age :29
Hgt :191 cm
Pos :Half forward
Fave AFL team :Sydney Swans
Fave AFL player:Buddy Franklin
Years playing :2
How found footy :Sean Walton my soccer mate asked me to play so I did and never looked back.
IC14 Tips
MensNew Zealand
Tightest (stingiest) teammate :Sam Willat
Least want to sit beside on plane :James Talbot
Favourite Food :Pizza
Sporting Idol :Peter Schmeichel
Funniest/embarrassing footy moment :The infamous bounce against Nauru
Footy highlight :the goal after the bounce
Simpsons or FuturamaSimpsons
Star Wars or Star TrekStar Wars
Banana or Check-sideCheck side
Team mate most likely to become President/PMAnish Patel
Team mate who spends most time in front of the mirrorLuke Matias

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