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Samurais Win 2005 Narita Cup

Asia The Samurais A side have won this year's Narita Cup in Japan with a 7-point victory over Australian amateur side Box Hill North in a hard fought final.

Samurais A held the lead throughout the game with non-stopping running through the centerline and brilliant ball control. The Japanese side seemed to have winners all over the ground and were cruising to victory.

However in the last quarter, with brilliant rover Michito Sakaki out of the game through injury, Victorian club Box Hill North fought back by delivering high balls to spearhead full forward Dave Dovoston who was able to convert on many occasions.

Samurais A finally nailed victory via a Wakazawa running goal, which gave them back to back triumphs in the Narita Cup.

Best on Ground: 1st Toshihiro Wakazawa (Samurais A), 2nd Dave Dovoston (BHN), 3rd Michito Sakaki ( Samurais A)

Final Ladder
1. Samurais A
2. Box Hill North
3. Tokyo Goannas
4. Go-Kongs
5. Samurais B
6. Osaka

Summary of Day 1

Pool A Review
Consisting of most of the National Team members , Samurais A (Seniors) clashed with Box Hill North in the opening match. Samurais A started very slowly in the first half but they fought back in the second half with enormous stamina, as they nailed the victory by just three points and they obtained the first spot in Pool A. Osaka were short of most of their Australian Players and were thrashed by BHN and Samurais A to be bottom of the ladder in Pool A.

Pool B Review
As expected Tokyo Goannas were easily the top of the ladder in Pool B, as they thumped Go-Kongs and Samurais B which consisted of second year and first year players in the Samurais side. Go-Kongs nailed the victory against Samurais B, led by new recruits Kase and Yamamoto (Ex-President) in the center line.