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This page is a quick snapshot of the status of Australian Football in Nauru. For further information, browse our news items or use the search facility. If you wish to contact football officials from the country, please search our site for links to their leagues or clubs, including in our Atlas. If unsuccessful, we can normally assist with putting people in touch.

Approx population (2009):  

National side:   The Chiefs

Governing body:   AFL Nauru

Primary contact / link:   Nauru Australian Football Association

WFN Census (2004):   10 senior clubs, 300 players, no formal juniors.

WFN World Ranking (2008):   6th

History:   Nauru has a very small population and is the world's smallest island nation, covering just 21 square kilometres, yet despite this it has been one of the stronger Australian football countries, doing well at the International Cups. Before gaining independence in 1966 it was under Australia's trusteeship and its economy was dominated by Australian phosphate mining. Early in the 21st century on and field violence saw Australian football suspended on Nauru, but in 2008 a group of players were hosted by several teams in Victoria prior to that year's International Cup, allowing them to develop into a formidable team. The following year a Nauru national draft was held to establish new teams and re-launch the country's national sport.

Outlook (2009):   Promising short term growth as the game re-starts and the AFL looks to Oceania for fresh talent, but obviously limited long term by its small population. Hopefully always embraced as possibly the first country other than Australia to fully embrace Aussie Rules.

Other points of interest:   It has often been said that some Nauruans are given the names of famous Australian footballers.

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