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This page is a quick snapshot of the status of Australian Football in Brazil. For further information, browse our news items or use the search facility. If you wish to contact football officials from the country, please search our site for links to their leagues or clubs, including in our Atlas. If unsuccessful, we can normally assist with putting people in touch.

Approx population (2009):   Around 190 Million

National side:   The Carnaval (de facto - first match held June 2009)

Governing body:   None

Primary contact / link:   none

WFN Census (2004):   N/A

WFN World Ranking (2008):   N/A

History:   Australian Rules in Brazil began in 2009 with the creation of a side dubbed 'The Carnaval', composed mainly of Australians resident around the country. The team's players were sourced from across the nation, living in six different states.

The Carnaval were coordinated by Australian Trade Commissioner Greg Wallis, who took up the challenge of creating a Brazilian side for a match against Chile's Santiago Saints after meeting with Saints President Robert Spurr. The first match between the Saints and Carnaval took place in Rio de Janeiro on June 20, 2009.

Outlook (2009):   It's very early days for the Carnaval as a side and for the sport in Brazil. Wallis has told WorldFootyNews.com in interviews that he is interested in the creation of a local competition in Rio or São Paolo, but that it will be difficult initially as there are few Aussies in the country, and those living there are spread across a huge area.

Still, if the first few matches against the Argentine and Chilean sides go well, the impetus might lead to the sherrin being kicked more regularly in future.

Other points of interest:   Collingwood's Heritier (better known as Harry) O'Brien is of an Afro-Brazilian background, although he grew up in Australia. He has returned on occasion to visit.

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