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This page is a quick snapshot of the status of Australian Football in Argentina. For further information, browse our news items or use the search facility. If you wish to contact football officials from the country, please search our site for links to their leagues or clubs, including in our Atlas. If unsuccessful, we can normally assist with putting people in touch.

Approx population (2009):   40 Million

National side:   Eagles (Aguilas)

Governing body:   Asociación Argentina de Fútbol Australiano (AAFAu)

Primary contact / link:   Asociacion Argentina de Futbol Australiano

WFN Census (2004):   180 players (60 adults, 120 juniors).

WFN World Ranking (2008):   Not ranked

History:   Ricardo Acuña, president of the Argentine Alternative Sports Association (CODA Sports), founded the AAFAu in 1997. Competition started in 1997 with a group of 3 teams consisting of about 30 or 40 mainly rugby union players. The league grew to four senior sides in Buenos Aires, with Under 19s sides associated with each senior team, and a growing number of juniors and school squads reported to be in creation.

Regular competition consisted of a short one-month season each year. Although the regular league went back into hibernation after a few years, Australian rules remained a feature of alternative sports expos organised by CODA Sports.

A 'Convicts Tour' of amateur footballers from Australia was planned in 2006, although this tour was later cancelled.

Local competition was revitalized by the first international match between an Argentine national side and Chile's Santiago Saints was played in May 2008 in Buenos Aires, with the Saints winning.

Outlook (2009):   The Argentines are reportedly planning to host the Chileans and the new Brazilian side later this year. They have also recently posted on their website that they have held Aussie Rules clinics with a coach from Victoria.

Other points of interest:   Acuña, as president of CODA Sports, is also the main driver behind sports such as Rugby League in Argentina.

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