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Will the Carlton Football Club give 100% to win against Melbourne this week?

1/1: Will the Carlton Football Club give 100% to win against Melbourne this week?

yes 7 (20.59%)
no 23 (67.65%)
don't know 4 (11.76%)
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Will the Carlton Football Club give 100% to win against Melbourne this week? | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: Dale Wilson on Wednesday, August 29 2007 @ 01:06 pm ACST

No comment's yet , so here goes . There is much debate over this game and it is getting more air time than any other game . That is partly the Media;s doing they seem to want to beat the whole thing up .
The player's will not be tanking , but certain positional movement's and selection's can alter the game , just like they do in any game that is played . Ask your son or daughter from thr age's of 4 to ten if thay want their club to lose ?????
And beside's all of this the No 1 pick may not be worth anything , look at Hawthorn football club over the past few year's with Franklin, Lewis, Roughhead , Gillham , Sewel , Mcglynn , Mitchell , etc etc etc

So player's tanking no, coaching staff ????? but the coaching staff may say let's put a backman down forward and all of a sudden he could be a match winner , Personally i think Carlton will win they do not have the skill to tank .


Dale Wilson here and i love my footy , Australian football the greatest game in the world , where else in the world is there a game of sport that has al

Authored by: Brett Northey on Wednesday, August 29 2007 @ 02:19 pm ACST

Hawthorn is stacked with young guns and most now expect them to be one of the dominant AFL clubs for the next 10 years. Carlton's supporters and staff could be forgiven for wanting a piece of the action.

Personally when it looked like my team was sliding out of finals contention I just hoped they didn't make a brave effort to make the 8 only to just miss out - thus no finals and no early draft pick. It was the first time I'd really felt that way while my team still had a chance to make it.

Some suggest teams would never want to lose and supporters shouldn't either, but it isn't that simple. What we're talking about is trading off a win now for potential premierships later. When the choice is that stark the answer is obvious - it's only an ingrained sense of competitiveness that makes the decision seem harder.

Having said that, I'm sure 90% of Carlton's players would be going for the win as hard as they can - especially those who aren't first choice players. But we all know that players find something extra in big matches, so it's logical that they may find something less when they know a win is not in the club's best interests. On top of that, coaches will be trying players in different positions, and clubs send players with manageable injuries off to end-of-season surgery early (one of the reasons Port Adelaide are travelling so well - they closed up shop quite early in 2006 and have said themselves it has made a big difference).

But given the debate in the media and public, and the relatively poor side that Melbourne will field, perhaps short term pride will see the Blues get up anyway.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN