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  • 150 Years of Australian Football (1,075)
    Website to promote the 150 celebrations of Australian Football in 2008 and community involvement at local club level
  • Aboriginal Football (1,447)
    Looks at the contribution, future and legacy of Aboriginal Australians' involvement in this great game of ours.
  • AFL Auskick (1,001)
    The AFL's Auskick junior footy program
  • AFL Brisbane Juniors (980)
    Junior development in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • AFL Dream Team Form Guide (938)
    AFL Dream Team Formguide
  • AFL Footy Blog (989)
    Footy blog on the AFL
  • AFL Gold Coast (696)
    Site detailing footy on the Gold Coast, Queensland
  • AFL J-Squad (987)
    Official AFL site aimed at junior supporters
  • AFL Online (1,535)
    AFL ONLINE - Your #1 Big Footy Alternative
    Please visit our forum to discuss footy with other fans and enjoy our Footy Trivia, Chat & Arcade sections.
  • AFL Tables (916)
    AFL statistics website
  • AFL World (1,036)
    Australian Football (mainly AFL/VFL) entertainment site as part of the AFL Hall of Fame
  • AKA - Jason Akermanis (1,039)
    The official website of Brisbane Lions star Jason Akermanis
  • As the Crow Flys (938)
    Fan site for AFL club Adelaide
  • Austadiums (1,408)
    Website detailing Australian and New Zealand sporting stadiums
  • Australian Amateur Football Council (903)
    Body to coordinate the major amateur footy leagues in Australia, particularly interstate matches
  • Australian football - the best game (909)
    An introductory site to Australian football with items and photos giving an overview of the world's most spectacular code of football.
  • BigFooty.com (1,379)
    The web's biggest Aussie Rules community site including International Footy board
  • BomberBlitz (1,251)
    Unofficial Essendon fan site
  • Brian Dixon Official website (883)
    Official website of the famous Melbourne player and key backer of footy in South Africa
  • Bruce McAvaney Blog (865)
    Top AFL commentator Bruce McAvaney gives his thoughts on the game.
  • Carlton Supporters Club (924)
    Carlton Supporters Club forum and resources
  • Country Footy Scores (1,233)
    Fixtures, results and news from all the Victorian country leagues, plus four southern NSW leagues and one South Australian league.
  • Crows Foundation (1,211)
    Charitable foundation set up by the Adelaide Football Club to support children's charities in South Australia
  • Demon Land (1,933)
    Unofficial forum for fans of the Melbourne Football Club
  • Demonology (1,546)
    Melbourne Demons fan site
  • Diamond Valley FL Umpires Association (1,095)
    Diamond Valley Football League (Victoria, Australia) Umpires Association
  • Dockerland (1,997)
    Fan site for AFL club Fremantle
  • Double Blue (1,183)
    Sturt FC fan site and chat board
  • Eagles Flying High (2,356)
    West Coast Eagles fan site
  • Footscray Not Western Bulldogs (1,060)
    Fansite determined to hold on to the Western Bulldogs' former name, Footscray
  • Footy Mag (1,119)
    Australian grass-roots footy publication
  • Footy Talk (1,374)
    Footy news website and podcaster
  • Footypedia (982)
    A comprehensive site dedicated to recording grass-roots footy
  • FootySA (963)
    Comprehensive SANFL news and results
  • Footyweb (1,716)
    Sporting Pulse and AFL sponsored website for Australian Football clubs and leagues in Australia and around the world
  • Footywire - AFL Statistics (1,714)
    Website with a host of AFL statistics
  • Full Points Footy (889)
    A website dedicated to the history of Australian football (although based in the UK)
  • GC17 (959)
    The website of the Gold Coast's bid for the AFL's 17th licence
  • Hawk Headquarters (924)
    Fan site for AFL club Hawthorn
  • Legendary Goal Kicker, George Doig (931)
    Website of George Doig, Champion Full Forward, kicking over 1000 goals for East Fremantle Football Club, and more than 100 goals in 9 consecutive seasons.