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Friday, October 30 2020 @ 12:58 am ACDT

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Explaining Aussie Rules
Authored by: Harley Vague on Thursday, June 18 2020 @ 05:06 pm ACST

The optimum explanation is from a hierarchical viewpoint. Most people to too much information into one horizontal explanation.

1. The first level is a basic understanding of the game. Australian Football is a free-flowing game of football with little restriction. The idea is to move the ball by kicking, catching, knocking, running and hand-passing to kick the ball cleanly through two tall posts at the end of an oval to score a goal.

2. Some technical aspects. You cannot throw the ball or hold or block a player. A kicked ball in the air can be attacked by players and if caught a player will be awarded a "free kick" with six seconds to take an unhindered kick. A ball on the ground can be attacked by players in any manner - soccer, knock, tap or gain possession. Players can bump and block when within 5m of the ball. When a player gains possession of the ball he may run 15m before "bouncing" the ball, but at some point a player must "dispose of the ball" either by kicking or hand-passing. A player in possession of the ball is liable to be tackled and must dispose of the ball when tackled otherwise will be penalised with a free kick against "caught holding the ball". There is no offside in general play but in a stoppage where the umpire has control there is some positional offside

3. Subjective impressions. A spectacular feature of Australian Football is the jumping to catch a kicked ball to be awarded a mark. The fast transference of the football by kicking and running is an attraction in itself. Australian Football can be quite physical at times with bumps and tackles.Even the hand pass is executed is a punch and does not float like a thrown pass.The very nature of the game makes it attractive to both watch and play. In percentage terms, Australian Football is the most popular football in any country. Though the laws of Australian Football are simple the interpretation of the laws often draws large comment and controversy adding to the allure of the game.

4.Suitability. Australian Footballers need a wide range of skills. They need to kick long and accurately as well as catch a kicked ball. They need to run long distances interspersed with sprints. They also need to handle the physical requirements of bumping and tackling.This leads to the requirement for an all-rounder type of athlete and the game is suitable for almost all amateurs.

5. Presentation. Australian Football (generally) is played on a large oval large with 18 players on the field for each side. At either end of the oval is two tall posts for targetting kicking goals which are given the value of six points.. On each side of the tall posts is a smaller post which registers one point or a 'behind" for a ball passing through them. A ball passing the goal line that is touched registers only one point or a 'rushed behind". The number of umpires and sometimes the number of players depends on the league but the minimum number is one "field" umpire and one goal umpire at each goal face.

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