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Thursday, October 22 2020 @ 08:32 pm ACDT

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IC21 – A Deeper Perspective
Authored by: Harley Vague on Thursday, March 19 2020 @ 02:31 pm ACDT

A good article.There are many unknowns and many ways to approach analysis of the current and future situation. Because of the nature of the International Cup it is a good decision to postpone the 2020 I.C.; recoup and possibly be better prepared next year. That is possible because Australian Football overseas is amateur and a moratorium on football has little financial effect but it does potentially pose a serious momentum loss to those playing and developing the game. Professional leagues are seriously and critically hit around the world. It is question of management for those leagues and to how much they have put aside for a contingency fund. IMO the semi-pro leagues will be the hardest hit. They have capital commitments and limited income streams. It will be extremely difficult for these leagues to recover especially as many leagues were fighting other issues such as local population decrease and a move away from gambling income.
If we go back to the formation of Australia in 1901 we see that Australian Football was booming. The NSWFL was formed in 1903 and challenged rugby for popularity in Sydney. In 1908 the "golden jubilee of Australasian Football" was held with New Zealand attending. That was their last attendance. Why was that? The great war caused immense devastation to fit young men in the Commonwealth. Australian Football suffered a severe blow in Australia but it was almost terminal in New Zealand and Australian Football never recovered from it's peak of 113 teams in N.Z..