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A New Force In Switzerland – Geneva Jets Take Off
Authored by: Harley Vague on Thursday, November 22 2018 @ 11:25 am ACDT

Switzerland might look towards the setup in Croata, except in reverse. Croatia has the Croatian league plus international teams. The Swiss might look at a league that has local games plus credits games in other leagues.

A New Force In Switzerland – Geneva Jets Take Off
Authored by: Cam Homes on Friday, November 23 2018 @ 02:57 pm ACDT

Yes! the more matches (against a variety of teams) that can be played and on a more or less regular basis the better it is for the development/growth of the game in these new regions.

And as you say, Harley, setting up a 'local' (to play for premiership points) league and a wider league (for credits or ranking points) is a good way to achieve that regularity and variety( eg. not playing against the same old faces each/every week).

The six/seven teams/clubs mentioned don't have to all play each other in a traditional premiership season if a modified version (ie. not worry about provisional ranks) of our (WFN) ranking scheme is used instead of a "Prem" table. Tho' the top ranked teams could play a grand final if they wanted to, having travel in mind here.
As long as, say, each of the Swiss teams at least play one (nearest) of the "foreign' teams they would take a big 'stride' in achieving a stable and lasting competition, and a boost to the "foreigners" playing standards as well as their own.

Wes, any info on HM Swiss v expats playing at the moment? ( they pretty well have to have about a dozen or so Swiss to play Euro Cup)(good signs)

The Lugano Steinbocks played in the Italian League a while back, any word of possible resurrection of them in future?