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Three Grand Finals A Fairer Deal – Stats Say Otherwise
Authored by: Harley Vague on Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 05:56 pm ACDT

Let's get something straight and admit that there are certain clubs have certain advantages in the AFL. Interstate clubs travel every fortnight and Victorian clubs don't. Victorian clubs play at finals venues more than interstate clubs. Some clubs have powerful advantages through history, population or location.

The AFL has a 'compromised' draw' and people say it's not 'fair' because teams don't play each other twice. Playing each other twice does not enshrine 'fairness' because teams contest other teams at different times. One team may be peaking or another team suffering injuries. Is that fair? What about the team's whose player is removed by another team's actions. The offending team is penalised but the next opposing team benefits. That is totally unfair.

The AFL has a draft to help equalise competitiveness. Is that fair ? Is it fair that some clubs cannot benefit from years of extra draft picks? Is in unfair that some clubs are hopeless with their recruiting or hopelessly run?

To even halfway approach fairness the AFL would have to adopt Olympic conditions, that is, each club would have to start each year from the same point with the same facilities and the same staff. There is an AFL player salary cap. That would have to be extended to a coaches salary cap, and a staff salary cap. All grounds would have to standardised and all facilities would have to be uniform. In the end all games would have to be played at an equip-distant point say Alice Springs.

Football is unfair. The MCG is a huge advantage to Victorian teams. Let's simply admit that and laud the interstate clubs for being that much better. As for the particular subject of a grand final series I only have to look at the Grand Final replays that follow drawn games to see the (lack of) enthusiasm. The deciding game IS the grand final. That is where all the emotion is contained and a second game will have have only half the tension of a knockout grand final. The first 'grand final' would be just another final.

I'm glad that people are fixated on the wrong side of fairness and are oblivious to the emerging unbalances of football. Has it not occurred to Victorians that Adelaide and particularly Perth are major cities supporting only two AFL clubs. Even Brisbane cranked up to be a powerhouse once and when it did, it had the backing of Australia's third largest city. Depending on which k.p.i. you use, the Swans are the best 'supported' club in Australia and eventually they will be overtaken by the Giants. People say there are too many clubs in Melbourne, which is wrong. The distribution of fans does not support 9 teams in Melbourne. Are people going say that is fair?

Let's just drop the word 'fair' from the football vocabulary because it's not fair some teams have better players, better coaches, are umpires favourites etc and win. It's not fair that AFL coaches have descended to obnoxious boring strategies solely to win football games thus depriving fans of entertaining games of football to watch.