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Sunday, May 26 2019 @ 11:09 pm ACST

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CrossCoders bring women's international talent to AFLW
Authored by: Cam Homes on Thursday, September 27 2018 @ 03:41 pm ACST

Great initiative by the look of it, I wish all the ladies the best of luck and really hope that every one of the AFLW clubs jumps on board and grabs at least one for their rookie pick for 2019 season.

Even if for no other reason other than to help:

"promote international expansion of the game amongst women, and getting the foundations in place before the gulf between homegrown and overseas talent becomes too vast crucial to any future growth".    Jason HIll, AFL England President & CrossCoders Co-Founder.                                      see: www.afleurope.org/crosscoders-rookie-camp-in-melbourne/

Good to see that the AFL has been magnanimous by telling them (CrossCoders/Western Bulldogs) to open the rookie camp to all the AFLW clubs recruiters. :-) 

Would be interesting to see where most/all the funding for this venture has came fromω

For the sake of the internationalisation of our great game I hope if any of these ladies are actually offered a place on a rookie lists(I don't hold anything against the Irish by the way) they are not all from Ireland.

Let's keep the door open for all the (hundreds) of women all around the world already playing Aussie Rules to have at least an even chance to become "professionals" in the game as the women's game continues to expand across the world.

WHYω Because these "CrossCoders' and international women Aussie Footy players do number into the hundreds, my estimation would go as far as maybe beyond several hundred. :-)

Just look at the countries that have managed to put a women's team on the park at the IC (8) and Euro Cup (9) for example. I also note that the frau,s and frauline's are fronting up for the Euro Cup and that 3 women's teams are likely to contest the Asian Championships the same day(13th October) (from Malaysia, Vietnam & Cambodia) for the first time this year.

When you add in the number of school girls playing in South Africa & Canada I reckon I don't have too much fear in sticking my neck out by saying that a thousand plus women and girls are playing our great game outside of Australia.

A number quite possibly roughly equal to a non-tradtional footy Australian state/territory or twoω

Can we hope the AFL will forthrightly now regard the "world" as Australia's eighth Footy playing State before its too late as far as Women's footy is concernedω

Keep pushing CrossCoders/Western Bulldogs and HARD!