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Monday, December 16 2019 @ 04:33 am ACDT

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Asia On The Expansion Plan – AFLX
Authored by: Cam Homes on Friday, March 02 2018 @ 10:45 pm ACDT

What you say about the rest of the world adapting our game to local conditions and the number of players is absolutely true, Wes.

Denmark plays 12-a-side as does the South China AFL (sponsored by Port Adelaide.) and Balikpapan League (Borneo), California league, Solomon Islands, Skane League(Sweden), all 12-a-side comps. Also a new comp in India I believe.

Guangdong AFL (china) is/was played at 10-a-side, as does Philippine AFL. Czech Republic was played at 10-a-side.

Sweden and Germany have both 14-a-side and 9-a-side comps. Texas AFL , ARFL Ireland is14-a-side (Uni's at 9-a-side)

New league in Columbia is going to be played at 9-a-side. Argentina, Quebec and Nova Scotia leagues, all Metro leagues in USA, Fiji, Japan AFL (for a number of years now), Wales and Scotland, England outside of London, Russia, Italy, Norway, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Spain and India all play at 9-a-side.

5/6-a-side indoor comps have been played in Sweden and Denmark that I have heard about, and the junior comp in Sweden is/was played at 6-a-side. I think a short lived women's comp in Italy was played at 6-a-side too.

I would hazard a guess that AFL (Aussie Rules) played outside Australia is more often played with reduced numbers than with full 18-a-side teams. Ontario League proudly "boasts" that they have always been 18-a-side comp tho' I seem to recall.

So have to agree with you that the AFL seems to be a bit condescending towards the international footy community with this push/introduction of a 7-a-side comp.

PS Sorry if I've omitted some leagues and countries, the above are those that I am reasonably sure about. Some countries' playing numbers are very sketchy, and change from year to year.
Open to be properly informed or corrected, actually please do. :-)