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Asia On The Expansion Plan – AFLX
Authored by: Wesley Hull on Friday, March 02 2018 @ 06:07 pm ACDT

Agreed, Harley. When I chatted with Kevin Sheedy couple of years back his idea about growing the game outside of Australia was to continually modify the game to suit the market/location - not expect the market to just embrace the standard game. I believe he is right. Lookin to now and you wonder if Sheeds had anything to do with the idea in as much as the AFL has now come up with an even further reduced game (fields, timings, players, rules) which can be adapted anywhere you can find 14 like-minded people.

On a separate note, I really don't like that the AFL is so condescending to leagues overseas when they claim they have a "new" game for them. Most leagues I have dealt with have always embraced nine a side and always had in the back of their minds further reductions if needed to keep the game accessible. clearly most would love to expand to 18 per side - some have. But they have also been pretty adept at using Sheed's mantra of adapting to their own markets - generally without the help of the AFL. Just my opinion, though.

Asia On The Expansion Plan – AFLX
Authored by: Cam Homes on Friday, March 02 2018 @ 10:45 pm ACDT

What you say about the rest of the world adapting our game to local conditions and the number of players is absolutely true, Wes.

Denmark plays 12-a-side as does the South China AFL (sponsored by Port Adelaide.) and Balikpapan League (Borneo), California league, Solomon Islands, Skane League(Sweden), all 12-a-side comps. Also a new comp in India I believe.

Guangdong AFL (china) is/was played at 10-a-side, as does Philippine AFL. Czech Republic was played at 10-a-side.

Sweden and Germany have both 14-a-side and 9-a-side comps. Texas AFL , ARFL Ireland is14-a-side (Uni's at 9-a-side)

New league in Columbia is going to be played at 9-a-side. Argentina, Quebec and Nova Scotia leagues, all Metro leagues in USA, Fiji, Japan AFL (for a number of years now), Wales and Scotland, England outside of London, Russia, Italy, Norway, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Spain and India all play at 9-a-side.

5/6-a-side indoor comps have been played in Sweden and Denmark that I have heard about, and the junior comp in Sweden is/was played at 6-a-side. I think a short lived women's comp in Italy was played at 6-a-side too.

I would hazard a guess that AFL (Aussie Rules) played outside Australia is more often played with reduced numbers than with full 18-a-side teams. Ontario League proudly "boasts" that they have always been 18-a-side comp tho' I seem to recall.

So have to agree with you that the AFL seems to be a bit condescending towards the international footy community with this push/introduction of a 7-a-side comp.

PS Sorry if I've omitted some leagues and countries, the above are those that I am reasonably sure about. Some countries' playing numbers are very sketchy, and change from year to year.
Open to be properly informed or corrected, actually please do. :-)