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WFN World Rankings - decision time on hybrids and B teams
Authored by: Cam Homes on Sunday, September 03 2017 @ 11:47 pm ACST

World Rankings- Inclusion of Hybrids and “B” teams.


AIM- Australian Indigenous & Multicultural.

The AIM team played against all the other “national” teams at IC11 as, I believe, a quasi-national Australian team. Probably included by AFL to give the other countries some “decent” competition, or as an attempt to gauge the standard of competitors in that first Women’s IC. The cynic in me suspects the AFL got quite a surprise when AIM finished last.

I also think that the other four countries would be quite annoyed if this “legitimate” though maybe quasi-national team is now down-graded at this stage by us because some are questioning the legitimacy of hybrids.

Question or delve too deeply and the legitimacy of the Peace Team could raise its ugly head.

I believe there is a place for some hybrids at this stage of development in International Footy and consequently in the Ranking scheme.

Women’s Crusaders, Men’s Indo China and Peace Team are all acceptable in their current form, I think we could also accept a similar hybrid from South America if one was to eventuate (Columbia and Chile clubs played a match last year). Hopefully we could see one emerge from East Africa some time down the track (I believe some footy has been played in Kenya and Tanzania recently).

As for AIM, it is already dormant and if another manifestation of the team doesn’t play a match before 27/8/18 it will drop out of the Ranks completely.   

WFN World Rankings - decision time on hybrids and B teams
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Monday, September 04 2017 @ 10:38 am ACST

Given the dropping out of ranks via dormancy - it highlights the distinction between the concerns of the ICC (Cricket) around how to country player averages etc compared to this scenario of a current ranking scale. Consider that the ICC recognise the Oct 2005 Aust v Rest of the World as an official test match. The players in the RotW team were a 'one off' in that side while Australia was on going. ICCWorldXI is listed as a 'major team' of for example Lara and Kallis.
So - it's reasonable to count matches AGAINST hybrid teams and therefore the hybrid team warrants being counted. So - that effectively relates to AIM, Peace Team, Euro Crusaders.
The 'B' team notion is different - in that the '94/95 ODI series with Aust and Aust 'A' involved - these stats do not reflect in ODIs. List 'A' matches I believe. However - re IC14 Womens Div - given these sides were accepted into the draw then the matches need to count given the IC is the premier international team tournament available. The qualitative component needn't come into it - else why should India take credit for beating a sub strength West Indies XI in 1979 when the best players were off with Packer.