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WFN World Rankings - decision time on hybrids and B teams
Authored by: Cam Homes on Friday, September 01 2017 @ 11:25 pm ACST

Asia Lions Hybrid

I do not have any qualms about not including the Asia Lions as it was pointed out after the event (China v Lions match) that the Lions team was made up of, I believe 6 Japanese and 6 Indonesians most of whom had already played for their respective countries in previous IC’s plus other Asians. I don’t believe we can call that a legitimate “national” side. On the other hand Team Indo China I think should be allowed to be included because all the players were drawn from countries that have not previously and/or have been unable to field a “national” side, similar to European Crusaders in the Women’s competition.

Not Counting the Asia Lions v China match reduces China’s Rating points by 2.04 Rating points and they end the Cup in 13th place behind Tonga with 39.91 Rating points instead of 12th.

Kick out Asia Lions and vet carefully any new Hybrids!!!

Team Indo China and European Crusaders

The Rugby ranking scheme that we copied/adapted/bastardised makes allowances for countries to merge (eg. West Germany and East Germany) and to split (eg. Czech Republic and Slovakia) so when one or two of the “member” Indo China countries are able to “split” from the group someday down the track and field a team as a fully-fledged nation in their own right the ranking Scheme can handle it, and eventually (which we all hope will happen) Indo China will cease to exist and will eventually become dormant and then then disappear from the ranks (like Samoa and Spain).

Likewise, I believe, and all of us hope, the component players/countries in the Crusaders will also be able to leave the “alliance” eventually and play as fully-fledged nations etc. etc.

Keep Indo China and Ladies Crusaders in the Ranks for now!!!!

Canada B (Northern Stars) Men

I don’t think it is a good idea to start including B teams in the Men’s ranks at this stage of the Ranks nor the development of international footy.  Not include any Men’s B’s!!!

Taking out the Canada B men v Great Britain match has no effect on the ranks for Great Britain.

Women’s B teams (Midnight Suns & Liberty)

Both these teams played in Women’s IC14 playing all the other national sides (except their own A team) and each played as a separate entity (No crossover of players from the A’s was allowed). I think the other national teams that played against them would be a little annoyed if these matches (in the IC) were now to be classed as 2nd rate or not legitimate International matches.

Since IC14, Liberty and the Suns have played against each once 31/7/15 (but again as separate entities from the A’S (cos’ the A’s played against each other the next day) so I can accept that match.

Also, back in May this year the Midnight Suns played against both Ireland (lost) and Great Britain (won) in the what all three countries accepted as an “International Test” match series. I don’t think we can toss those matches out of the ranking either.  But I guess this raises the question of when future Ladies B’s matches occur that a decision as to whether each match is “legitimate” should be made prior to the game.

One other consideration that should be looked at as to whether continuing to “accept” B teams is that I think it would be preferable that B teams would be more suitable opponents for emerging countries to tackle especially early in these countries debut’s to International footy.

Keep the Ladies B’s in the picture for now!!   But vet future matches. 

WFN World Rankings - decision time on hybrids and B teams
Authored by: Mister Football on Saturday, September 02 2017 @ 03:08 pm ACST

I support everything Cam has written, very well argued and a common sense approach.

As an aside, it's worth reminding ourselves that Great Britain is a union of what might be considered independent countries, but the general principle applies that they stay one team until they start to play as individual countries more commonly (which might already be happening).

Mister Football

WFN World Rankings - decision time on hybrids and B teams
Authored by: Cam Homes on Monday, September 04 2017 @ 12:03 am ACST

England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland all play as individual countries in Rugby and Soccer and are ranked individually in the those codes. Great Britain does get together as the British Lions in Rugby, but the Lions are not on Rugby World Ranks.