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Miller's after the siren thriller brings heartbreak for Warriors
Authored by: Brett Northey on Wednesday, August 16 2017 @ 10:43 am ACST

It's a debate every 3 years. Why? Sometimes the AFL have been at fault with not particularly well constructed fixtures. Sometimes there's teams bob up that are unexpectedly good. Sometimes there's just bad luck with how things fall.

But the biggest issue is that it's damn hard to squeeze a lot of games (to make the journey worthwhile and get a fair gauge) into a short period (players can't afford to stay longer in terms of money, leave from work, family or study), with many unknowns about team quality each cycle (e.g. I was suspicious that South Africa would struggle but never imagined the fall to be so dramatic) and so much uncertainty about which teams would show up (the public rarely hears just how late some teams commit, and how close to no shows some are) plus historically nations have complained bitterly if they are excluded from Div 1, even if they were no real show of winning it.

Remember this is the first time there's been 2 men's divs right from the start. I think this year was a good step towards acceptance that this will always be the case going forward.

I agree there should be a top 8 and semi-finals. But who goes out? Ideally there would be pre-IC qualifying to determine that. The obvious answer in hindsight is Fiji and France, but Fiji are improving and need some way of demonstrating they deserve a slot in Div 1. And they pushed SA so by 2020 it may be that Fiji are more deserving. But what if Tonga are back, they were pretty good. I wouldn't want them penalised just because they didn't come this time, each country has their own challenges and reasons.

And what about Germany and Croatia? Surely if they want to play Div 1 next time they deserve some way of achieving that having made the Div 2 GF.

There's no clear option as far as I see unless we go to mid-cycle regional qualifying, which I would love to be explored but very difficult if some nations agree and some don't or can't,

Certainly Ireland were desperately unlucky and done no favours by the fixture.

Sadly not the first time the Irish have been in a controversial finish. I'm sure they will want to avoid this link but for others:

IC08 Flashback - International football's most controversial moment

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN

Miller's after the siren thriller brings heartbreak for Warriors
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Wednesday, August 16 2017 @ 12:53 pm ACST

Dream land - all the nations (not counting peace team) turn up - (AFL pumped money into it):
Div 1 based on ranks:
PNG, NZ, Ire, US, GB, Nauru, Canada, SthAf
Div 2 based on ranks
Dnmrk, China, Croatia, Tonga, Japan, Fiji, Germany, France
Div 3
Sweden, Indonesia, Pak, Finland, India, SL, ... Iceland,...Timor Leste,....Spain....

Doubt it would ever happen - however - imagine that with P&R for the subsequent tournament? Try to pick a winner in Div 2 from that??