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Saturday, November 28 2020 @ 01:24 pm ACDT

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IC17 Round 4 Live Scores
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Tuesday, August 15 2017 @ 02:12 pm ACST

Canada look safe - but the injuries to Kirsti Oja (knee - that really sucks - was looking forward to seeing her on Etihad) - and now the US ruck in Brette Brower - looks like neck - being treated very seriously - although on replay she's had movement after going down but getting treated very carefully and waiting on an ambulance. Odd that just a stones throw from the hospitals and no ambulance able to get here yet.

IC17 Round 4 Live Scores
Authored by: Brett Northey on Tuesday, August 15 2017 @ 03:30 pm ACST

Yeah I was wondering if Kirsti might be an AFLW chance? Hope it's not too serious. You have to wonder whether 4 or 5 games so close together is a problem, though they are shortened and perhaps this is a collision injury? But still, the intensity is high, a lot of games in a short space of time.

I guess the flipside argument would be that with so many games of course there will be a few nasty injuries, just as there are when that many games are played out over a longer period.

Finger crossed on that neck injury too. Medicos are ultra careful these days which often gives the impression that something serious has happened whereas it may just be precautionary.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN

IC17 Round 4 Live Scores
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Tuesday, August 15 2017 @ 07:48 pm ACST

Jason Arnold (Northern Lights coach) confirmed it looks like an ACL - seeing it happen - the best case would be MCL but looked more like an ACL.

Given it was a played falling into her leg - it's not as if it was a fatigued joint giving way. However - for the Womens I thought it was a big ask to be playing Sunday and backing up already on Tuesday - yeah - they played the afternoon games so got to sleep in. I guess last week there were 4 mens teams that played Wednesday and backed up Friday evening. I reckon both Fiji and South Africa pulled up very sore out of that and perhaps suffered for it today.