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Thursday, October 22 2020 @ 07:41 pm ACDT

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Irish Talent Heads To Florida For AFL Academy Training Camp
Authored by: Cam Homes on Friday, January 15 2016 @ 03:19 pm ACDT

Promotional value and "mindset" (detest that term)!!!!! but I believe that the AFL just hasn't been able to even begin to think and behave like the AFL (world ruling body) that it claims to be when it comes to promoting AFL (Aussie Footy/Australian Rules Football) as played outside Australia.

As you say Troy there is little value to the academy players on a trip like this in playing matches against locals. But that is not the point, the guys are already in USA and the promotional value for Aussie Rules in the States is not even considered when at virtually no extra cost a "practice" match with as many locals that they can round up, and/or an afternoon skills session in a couple of high schools close to this IMG place could do wonders for the game in that region.

Even just two or three locals (especially youngsters) enticed to take up the game is of immense value to the local clubs and leagues.

You mention other opportunities such as preseason trips and visits by players to  the US Nationals and combines (all good) but this is another opportunity lost because of the AFL's collective mindset. Unfortunately the focus is solely on the AFL (the league) and AFL (the Code) internationally is not even considered.

If  we could only entice the AFL development section to rename itself and convince it to become a truly "International Development"  first and a "develop players in Aussie" section second. OH! what a far off dream that is! :-((

JUst like to remind you that although the Easter Series matches held in Europe were "massively one sided results" the actual score differences reduced substantually each year and obviously suggests that the matches were of immense value to European footy. (Unless you subscribe to the idea that the Aussie players standards were falling) :-) 

Promotional value versus AFL (the organistaion) mindset!!!!!ωωωω

AFL (the organisation)Gillon and Co) does not equal AFL (world ruling body).


Irish Talent Heads To Florida For AFL Academy Training Camp
Authored by: Harley Vague on Saturday, January 16 2016 @ 07:24 pm ACDT

What Cam and i are saying is that a lot more thought has to be given to promotion surrounding an event. An AFL team just doesn't arrive and play an away game any more. There is a build-up with open training sessions for fans to meet players and media interviews with players and coaches. Likewise any AFL event overseas should make some attempt to engage with the local community and especially the local football community. This can be in any appropriate form. Open training, dropping in on local club etc. This costs nothing but time and effort. If it is deemed possible to play some football then all the better. On that subject, I believe it is possible to come up with some informal mercy rule . If it's all over by half time, then it's time to modify things. .