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Australian Woomeras spear New Zealand Kahus
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Wednesday, December 17 2014 @ 10:04 pm ACDT

I was worried you had left us Rory. Glad to have your continued patronage. We of course support the ongoing growth and prosperity of the game everywhere - be it Canberra, Auckland or Greenland. Have a merry Christmas mate and a footy filled 2015.

Australian Woomeras spear New Zealand Kahus
Authored by: Cam Homes on Thursday, December 18 2014 @ 03:02 pm ACDT

99.9% expat aussie and only in New Zealand because of the gold rush isn't hyperbole??? Better take a re read of your history books ol' son, wide comb v narrow comb might help, many shearers crossed and recrossed the lake back then too.

You are correct in saying NZ Aussie rules died because of advent of WWI but there were many New Zealander footy players that enlisted and many of them didn't return to NZ as did the thousands of Aussies that didn't come home.

Yes, the Anzac Day matches could well be put down to AFL's banker's and therefore your gripe about Canberra and GWS if it exists should be directed to the AFL.
Unfortunately your intense dislike of Kiwi's and New Zealand comes roaring thru when you attack WFN contributors who express a little satisfaction when the 'recent investment' in junior footy appears to bearing fruit by way of Woomera's and Kahu.

No venom is apparent when Flying Boomerangs and AIS/AFL junior sides visiting South Africa and Europe (AFL investment too)look like bearing fruit with the likes of Axel Bang, Mikkel Kjoge, Josip Habljak and some of the Irish guys that are coming into the game.
All this is good for AFL (Aussie Rules) in Denmark, France, Germany, Croatia, Japan, South Africa, Fiji, Vanuatu and the list goes on.
The gripe about how much and where the investment is going is pretty much WFN's gripe too I think.
So have a good Xmas and keep kicking the "AFL Canberra" footy
and please don't smack down any New Zealand footy players you meet touring "our nation's capital" over the Xmas holidays. :-)

PS. I do believe New Zealanders did actually play in the games in France in WWI that are now commemorated with the Anzac Day match at Villers- Bretonneux, France annually.