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Wednesday, September 30 2020 @ 06:36 am ACST

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Denmark Vikings take out men’s Euro Cup – Irish Banshees win the women’s title
Authored by: dantez on Tuesday, October 07 2014 @ 11:21 am ACDT

First & foremost, congrats to the Denmark Vikings, the organisers, and all the teams and volunteers. Although i'm now back in Australia, i've been through a couple of EU Cups so know how hard it is to get one team organised, let alone the whole tournament.

In relation to IC, perhaps a 16 team 4 x 4 every four years - 4 best teams from Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa\Middle East and Americas. Best teams determined by either 18 a side rankings at a given date, or top 4 teams as a result of a regional tournament held within 12 months of IC. The regional AFL affiliate (eg. AFL Europe etc.) should campaign the AFL for funding or organise sponsors, rather than leave teams to miss out because they can't self-fund. Other than branding, the AFL affiliates contribute very little in the way of support (not bagging the concept, but I feel they should do a lot more, but of course this requires the AFL to back the concept). Considering how much they put into the likes of Israel Folau or Karmichael Hunt, the pool of talent in Europe and Americas would be worth the investment.

That means players and countries only need to contribute a % of funding, not the whole lot. Players are all amateur, consider they have to use 3 weeks of their own annual leave just to attend, which is a significant personal contribution.

Denmark Vikings take out men’s Euro Cup – Irish Banshees win the women’s title
Authored by: Cam Homes on Friday, October 10 2014 @ 11:34 am ACDT

Hi Guys.
AFL and funding for Nations coming to IC and international development at grass roots level debate!!!!!!!

Read the link in Troy Thomson's post "Tim Harcourt's new book 'Trading Places' out today" from 1st October 14.

Explains the AFL's priorities down pat.

If the money spent isn't linked to big business dealings in some way where the AFL is pretty well assured of an almost immediate return, then sorry everybody, fund it yourself, it looks like to me.

It is my understanding that Ben MacCormack's salary is paid by the AFL as membership fees to AFL Europe wouldn't come close to covering it. So the AFL is spending some money indirectly on development in Europe, but the fact that one of the first things that happened when Ben started working in Europe was the Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs match in London, tends to confirm things a bit doesn't it.

I reckon Ben is doing a terrific job (from my perspective back in Os anyway) eg. secured a sponsor for the Euro Cup(Axios) for a number years, 2013 European Championships and Euro Cups very successful events showcasing European Footy in Europe, getting 2 AIS/AFL v Europe matches on mainland Europe (tho they were held mid week so attendances were poor-did Ben have a choice?), grant schemes etc. but I suspect he is also hamstrung to some extent by AFL priorities and mindset.

That's my take on the subject anyway :-)

Maybe we all should be taking a look at what is happening in Vanuatu with the connection with Ferny Creek ?? mob in Melbourne and the South African Lions and Jamestown FC in Sth. Australia. Player exchanges etc. try get more Aussie clubs to go to places like Vanuatu, Samoa, Croatia, Spain or Laos etc. to coach/train/teach footy, play an exhibition match etc. instead of booze-up end season trips to Bali and the like.