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Round 1 Summary - No surprises
Authored by: Rod Shaw on Monday, August 11 2014 @ 09:47 am ACST

I think divisions would be so much better! There is nothing to be gained for any footy nation in trouncings like those experienced in the first round.
But previously, teams have been too proud or naive to put themselves in Division 2. Maybe there could have been a 10-8 split or 12- 6 but how many teams would have honestly put their hand up for Division 2?
Maybe the decision making is funding based- if a team does not have a shot at the title- funding may not be forthcoming? unlikely....but a possibility.
Perhaps all new teams need to start in Division 2 as a start.

As far as limiting the numbers of non-resident based players this goes so much against what you are trying to do when you are building footy up in a foreign land.
Sure you want to build up your local comps but you also want to get your players up and into better comps. There is only so much you can do around developing your players through playing internationals, improving the local standard and playing against visiting teams.
The best way to get your players to a better standard is get them into decent football Leagues in Australia. These players learnt the game generally in their native country and then fell in love so much with the sport and had the talent to go to the home of the game and compete against Australians.

Every nation should be proud that this happens and then welcome them into their national team! Why should these players be barred from representing their country when they have done nothing more than to better themselves in their chosen sport?

Round 1 Summary - No surprises
Authored by: simonblack on Monday, August 11 2014 @ 11:16 am ACST

yup ok i take back my limit the number of players playing in oz. It only seemed unfair to me because once again it created a uneven match up (a team consisting of 70% canadians playing aussie rules in australia for 3 years vs a teams with no players playing on australia)

But if we bring in divisions than this unevenness wont exist anymore because itll be teams vs teams who both have players plaing in australia.

Round 1 Summary - No surprises
Authored by: Brett Northey on Monday, August 11 2014 @ 02:00 pm ACST
Yes there have been some people or countries not keen to be relegated to a second division and not have a chance to win the title. But I'm not sure if that is widespread and sometimes dare I say it people need to be protected from what they wish for.

Certainly there were plenty of complaints to us after IC08 I think that the weaker nations didn't want to be battered and humiliated by the top nations. IC11 had the first day seeding round that had a series of much shorter matches which limited the damage.

Ultimately the truth is that those lower teams have no chance of winning the Cup, so the only argument that could be made to give them a chance is sponsorship (as Rod pondered above) or experience against the best. But we question the former and on the latter point I believe that when the gulf reaches a certain level there's not much learning going on.

Meanwhile players are injured, perhaps in their own minds humiliated, and not a very good image of international footy presented to the community.

The article didn't set out to make this a major issue, after all the Cup is a wonderful event, but it does start to hit you between the eyes when you go through the lopsided scores, and recall similar tales of woe from past Cups, and try to think of positive highlights from the opening round.

And finally, dare I invoke soccer as an example, I'm sure all the nations of the world in theory would like to be able to play at the FIFA World Cup finals but of course they have to qualify to get there. And our game is so much more physical and high scoring.

I do not advocate at this stage for qualifying. I think it's quite simple that with so many teams attending and since the AFL has fairly robust seedings then based on that they should allocate a showcase top 8 (two pools of 4, play 3 games, top 2 from each pool go through to semis).

The rest (this year 10 others) can start as Division 2 and pools can be based on however many turn up. The top two from Division 2 can be promoted at the next Cup, the bottom two of Div 1 go down.

So based on this year's seedings: http://www.worldfootynews.com/staticp...d_Seedings

we'd have Canada and Sweden miss out on Div 1. Sweden clearly would've been better in Div 2, Canada would probably be unhappy about that but so be it, they would have to throw all their effort into winning Div 2 and being elevated back in 2017. New teams obviously start in Div 2.

It would also give the AFL more certainty and reliability in programming showcase matches at bigger venues, knowing the top 8 are more likely to show up and do so with good squads etc.
--- Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN
Round 1 Summary - No surprises
Authored by: Olivier Tresca on Saturday, August 16 2014 @ 10:37 pm ACST

Although I completely agree that sending players to learn the game in Aus is great, what good does it do to the local leagues if they never head back home? What I worry about is what might happen in a few years time, when some country are able to field a team made entirely of Aus based players and don't select localy based one. Do we want the IC to be a tournament of expats living in Australia?

The other concern I have is that we are seeing teams that look one way in their local competition, and completely different at the IC. If you consider Ireland for example, they lost against France in the EU cup, based on that you could assume that France would do relatively well against them here, but no they got flogged. I know that the team roster will vary a lot from competition to competition, mostly because of budget constraint put on players. However, having a Euro Irish side and an Aus Irish side that plays the IC (or any other country for that matter), seems like it's not the way forward.

I'm not suggesting Aus based player don't get to play in the IC, but maybe the eligibility rules must be changed. Something like, if you are a long time Aus resident you can play only if you have already played a couple of games for your country in the year leading to the IC.