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Tuesday, July 17 2018 @ 11:19 pm ACST

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A decade of World Footy News
Authored by: Wesley Hull on Saturday, July 26 2014 @ 02:45 pm ACST

There are so many exciting prospects hinted at in this article that I am very positive about the site's future. International footy is an extension of the game I started loving in the 60's and the ability to be a part of the story-telling and promotion of the international aspect of the game is something I am proud of.

I have strong memories of a time when I would read the Sporting Globe or Herald Sun on a Monday and marvel at the lists of scores from games around metropolitan and country Victoria. In a strange way I can actually see that same idea coming to life, hopefully through World Footy News, where the Saturday night or Monday morning reading is a list of all the international scores for Aussie Rules everywhere.

That already exists in part through The Footy Record and other more localised versions, but one overall home still appeals to me as a repository of all international Aussie Rules knowledge.

I know some will say it's too big a task and can't be done...but that might have also been true of the deeds of World Footy News 10 years ago...and look where they are now.