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Thursday, October 22 2020 @ 07:02 pm ACDT

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Kiwis take it to AIS
Authored by: Rod Shaw on Sunday, February 02 2014 @ 05:49 pm ACDT

Hi Erik(I think) and Brett

Look they could, but as Brett says it depends on amount of heritage players brought over. I did say in the article that thiscontest enables a benchmark for development, but only if their are similiar number and ability players brought in from Australia.

I don't doubt that the Hawks could smash the AIS if all those of NZ heritage- eg born there, have a NZ mum or dad, whatever the criteria are were available. Adult players of a good standard against these brilliant kids is going to tell eventually. But the contests as they are seem to be getting closer each year without a huge influx of 'heritage' players. Some that flew in learnt the game in NZ but have since moved to Australia.

Let's not also forget how good an Irish team would be against the AIS! 

Kiwis take it to AIS
Authored by: Cam Homes on Sunday, February 02 2014 @ 09:14 pm ACDT

Hi guys.

What you all say is pretty true I reckon, an Hawks side with 'heritage' players could win one of these matches soon, let's all hope so. But if the mix between 'heritage' and NZ 'home growns' gets too lopsided in 'heritage' favour it will only set back the development and expansion of footy in NZ. 

The AFL must continue to hold these matches (Hawks, SA Lions, European Legion and/or Titans)for the development of the game outside Aussie is going to continue to grow. Hey! let's face it, the Legion have a 'perfect' goal kicking record to maintain :-)

I do note, however, that the Titans/mainland Europe match has been dropped for 2014. Has the AFL 'thrown in the towel' with this event after only 2  efforts? Let's hope not.

Instead of dropping matches maybe the AFL should be looking at expanding the scope of these matches, a team to Japan would give a huge boost to the development of Japanese footy at this crucial time in that country. (All-Japanese Top League teams now beating the expat Aussie loaded sides on a regular basis.)

North America should be next on the list I reckon. (USA nationals are already the largest footy tournament in the world) A ready made audience if the match was played as a conclusion to the nationals same or next day .

Rotate(annually) the matches around the various regions if cost is the inhibiting factor if they have too.

What say ye, fella's?