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Asian footy future: Is it time for Asian All Stars at International Cup?
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Sunday, February 10 2013 @ 09:46 pm ACDT

Thanks 99,  firstly let me say that I agree fully that stand alone national teams is what you want, and picked from a strong local competition even better. I used the Peace Team as an example of the AFL allowing a combined team to compete rather than as a comparable template.  I agree a combined Asian team would be a different prospect to the Peace Team for a number of reasons.

I would not think of disallowing locals to represent their country, but for a number of reasons this has not been able to happen.  My suggestion would be purely a bridging measure to be more inclusive of those locals that are playing the game and allow them to represent their country as part of a combine - at least until they can do it as a standalone team. 

I don't think you will see expats at the International Cup and it would take an amazing turn around in attitude on this from the AFL and competing countries.  However there may be support for a limited number of expats to play for new countries alongside nationals in the bottom division (or a seperate division altogether).

Any discussions and advances that can lead to a more organised and unified footy scene in Asia can only be a good thing and I wish all involved great success with the EEAFL. 

It is interesting the relatively modern idea of representing your home country (or state in State of Origin) as adopted in the International Cup.  In all other representative footy over time you represented the league, region or state that you played in that current season, even if you may play against a league or state you played for the previous year.  I am certainly in support of this idea of no expats at the IC though.  But perhaps in our lifetime the game will be played enough around the world that nationals of foreign countries will be the equal or better of any expats that may be playing in their country and such a rule may no longer be needed.


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