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Saturday, July 04 2020 @ 03:34 am ACST

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Kiwi connection to debut at Collingwood
Authored by: Rory Slater on Sunday, May 27 2012 @ 07:20 pm ACST

I have to say, wfn never cease to impress in respect of their attempts to create the illusion of a cultural affinity and pedigree of Australian Football in a country with the most contempt for our code on the planet - NZ.

This trawling for opportunistic type links that are supposed to qualify NZ as some sort of Australian Football hot bed of talent is priceless, to say the least.

I mean how many generations removed entitle someone to such accolades of pedigree and what indeed are these unrelenting sweeping sentiments of hyperbole really trying to say or should I say sell.

George Gregan was often approriated by some, as a Zambian rather than Australian in resepct of his Union pedigree, however he came to Canberra as a nipper and his school, city and country where he in fact grew up, are responsible for making him the international Union champion we know, rather than any Zambian DNA.

This young fella is no more a product of Kiwi heritage in respect of his footy prowess than Gregan was Zambian. 

There are numerouse Ozzie kids with parents of diverse cultural heritage playing our code, but is wfn rushing to highlight a link with their particular heritage nope.  Young athletes who grow up in NZ with varying degrees of Australian heritage, playing Union for eg, a niche code in Australia, do not appear to be headlining in NZ.  

There does not seem to be any code domestic or otherwise, around the world that is so obsessed with affirming itself by appearing psuedo global. 

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Kiwi connection to debut at Collingwood
Authored by: Cam Homes on Sunday, May 27 2012 @ 07:54 pm ACST

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa

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Kiwi connection to debut at Collingwood
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Monday, May 28 2012 @ 10:21 am ACST

What Rory I think needs to acknowledge is that Aust Football has been subject to net immigration into this nation for generation after generation of people 'schooled in the arts' of other more 'international' codes of football and sport in general.

The capacity to attract new arrivals to our game has been and is an important focus.  No more so before than now. 

And - especially to attract kids of a heavy NZ/Pacific heritage to give our game a go to start with - given the strength of both codes of Rugby in and through Australia and the close proximity to 'home' - this is something that ought not be underestimated.

The stereo types are being broken down.  Not all islanders are big bulky fellows more suited to rugby.  it's a nice myth spread I might guess by those with an interest in the perpetuation of that myth.

Seeing a fellow like Khan Haretuku who played in the VFL state game on Saturday in Hobart - a Sydney product, only took up footy around age 14 after being 100% Rugby previously.  Loves his footy so much now he's happily transplanted to Melbourne (during winter!!) and persisting with his footy (and at 198cm he's gotta be a chance for a mature age call up). 

The NZ attitude to the game - I guess interesting to read comments to a few of the recent articles on the St Kilda in Wellington proposition.  A lot of kiwis actually going against 'type' by being welcoming of the idea, a lot who have moved over here and urging the 'locals' to give it a go.  Perhaps it's time that Melbourne establishes closer 'cultural' ties with NZ than in the past where Sydney has dominated!!! 

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