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Tuesday, May 26 2020 @ 10:20 pm ACST

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Australian Young Guns too classy for European Legion
Authored by: hopandsolo on Wednesday, April 11 2012 @ 01:59 am ACST

It's strange alright that the aussie's don't have the correct jumpers for an aussie rules match, that's the International Rules jumper their wearing.

On the lack of competitiveness I suppose there are a number of factors, the biggest one being the lack of experience all the Europeans will have of playing aussie rules and 18 aside aussie rules.  Not being at the game I can't comment on skills but I assume technically they weren't as good as the aussies with skills under pressure not being executed as well.  Aside from this, their lack of expertise means they won't recognise patterns in the play and be able to react appropriately.  Research shows experts are faster, more consistent and have better anticipation skills than novices.

The Europeans did have a week in camp preparing for this game but this time isn't going to turn you from a novice to an expert.  In my opinion to make the European's competitive you'd need to send them to Oz for a few months of constant training and games at the elite level.  I can only speak of the Irish on the team and some of their sporting CVs are very impressive, Paddy McBrearty from Donegal played in the senior All-Ireland semi-final last year at 18 years old.  So in terms of athletic ability these Irish guys should be competitive. 

Of course trying to gell all these players together in a week considering they don't know each other and don't know much about playing the game is another difficulty.

Even if the aussies trained with the European's for the week prior it would help as then they'd understand much better what was required.  This might be seen as unusual but making the game more competitive is in everyone's interests.

Still it's a good experience for both teams and if we were worried about hammerings both Gold Coast and GWS should also be scrapped!

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