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Friday, October 30 2020 @ 05:53 am ACDT

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First internationally staged AFL Premiership Game bound for NZ?
Authored by: sverik25 on Friday, March 09 2012 @ 05:43 pm ACDT

Rory, I don't believe St Kilda (or any club for that matter) looking to play games in New Zealand will affect whether or not Tasmania get an AFL team. I was very disappointed when I learnt that GWS had been granted the AFL's 18th licence ahead of Tassie and I wanted, and still want, Tassie to get the AFL team they deserve. I believe that the AFL cannot be too far away from granting an AFL licence to Tasmania, regardless of whether AFL clubs play games overseas or not. Australian cities and states will not be forsaken as the AFL looks to exapand internationally and I think both Australian cities and states and the game internationally can benefit.

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First internationally staged AFL Premiership Game bound for NZ?
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Friday, March 09 2012 @ 08:12 pm ACDT

I'd love to see a side in Tassie too - however, I can see massive 20-50 year down the track logic and demand in fact for 2 teams in each of NSW and QLD.

Will Tassie get a club from ground up or will they get a relocated club?  Dunno.

What is clear though is that the Tassie Govt had no money to put into Bellerive redevelopment this time around.  Contrast to the QLD Govt putting $60 mill into Metricon along with Fed and Gold Coast City Council funds (+ AFL), and NSW Govt funds into both Blacktown and the Showgrounds.

The AFL has to, must, be pragmatic.  While I'm dubious that an NT side might be doable (perhaps NT-PNG-FNQ) - I do ponder a potential future 20 team 2 conference scenario??  Tas and Canberra?  or a 3rd WA? or an NZ (Oceania)??  How many as new entities.  How many as relocations??

Look - it's easy to bash the AFL - for me, I look at the Demetriou era and love most of what this installation of AFL admin has overseen - - contrast to some prior AFL admins and I'm pretty happy to entrust this bunch.  Main thing is - you can't please everyone.  However, it's good sometimes to listen to the complaints and issues of other codes.

For example - the higher cost of junior soccer compared to junior Aust Footy.  Or, the expansion to Perth vs another team in Brisbane or Central QLD or Gosford for the NRL......etc etc.  The AFL does NOT operate in a 'vacuum' - so as nice as Tas18 or ACT18 would've been instead of GWS18 - - the reality is that the AFL has stolen a massive jump on Soccer in West Sydney and the turmoil around GCutd also shows the need for the AFL to not leave Gold Coast any longer than they did - as a North person I wanted us up there but - for the good of footy it's best we didn't as I LOVE this ground up club building program the AFL has used for GC17 and GWS18.  Other codes have stood back and now - they admire it. 

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