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Thursday, June 04 2020 @ 04:38 am ACST

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Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Thursday, September 15 2011 @ 06:51 am ACST

From the publicity perspective, the AFL has been great this time around, the AFL website carried much more content with frontpage links all the time.  Brett Kirk spent the best part of the year roving the world and reporting back via his diary blog on footy outposts, and upon his return he did the media rounds - however, the local media in the main still doesn't know how to handle the International Cup, and 4 IC's in, people still have to stress 'No expats'. 

The irony of course is were the AFL to run a 'world cup' like RU, RL and even soccer - then, expats playing, people playing on the basis of parentage or even grand-parentage - that's the norm.

Sadly too many people go on about what the IC isn't.  Instead of focussing on what it is.

re ethnic based media coverage, from the Indian perspective, there were snippets in BeyondIndia (at least on line, I don't buy the paper!!).  However, like many things, you often need to know about it before hand to look for it.  This article shows that the local (Melb) Indian community was engaged with the side during the event.  Where I work thelocal paper ran a story about the French Coqs in town.  That there were events put on for visiting teams clearly shows that there was a level of knowledge/promotion prior to the event to facilitate the organisation.  What needs to happen though is that more people educate their mates about it over the next 3 years in preparation for IC14.  And perhaps the Indian community in Australia can do more to fund the Indian rep team rather than enthusiastic amateurs.

re 'affiliation', back in 2008, the AFL initially was trying to engage VAFA (VIc amo's) teams to 'host' international sides, but, progressively through the build up, the AFL clubs got more and more interested (despite the late Aug/early Sep timeslot - i.e. clashing with last rounds and early finals).  However, Tonga for example, in Sydney got there 2 weeks out and trained and some players played with Campbelltown Blues in the local comp. 

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