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Game Day 7 - Live Scores
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Wednesday, August 24 2011 @ 07:24 pm ACST

Interesting that Peace Team should jump so much, seems a better reflection on them - maybe the minimum qualification number needs to be higher?  US vs Nauru would be a good match that could easily go any way.  Nauru beat the US in IC08 but I watched that match and it was close until Nauru got a run on late in the match.  The US has improved since then but couldn't say who would win Nauru has improved too.

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Game Day 7 - Live Scores
Authored by: Cam Homes on Wednesday, August 24 2011 @ 10:04 pm ACST


The Rugby World Ranking Scheme that the scheme is based on required 10 matches before a nation could become fully ranked, we decided on 8 matches because we could get more countries on the board. It is one area which does tend to throw in anomalies to our set up.

The other major problem as I metioned a little earlier is that teams that are way apart in standard (10.00 and even larger Rating Gap(as high as 16.00 points)) play against each other. That just doesn't happen in other world sports.

Now I made one mistake with the Ranks that I published earlier today and it is the above problem that stuffs the system to a degree.

Corrected Ranks

  1. Australia
  2. Papua New Guinea  57.63   28
  3. Ireland  54.78   37
  4. New Zealand  50.85   32
  5. Nauru  49.15   18
  6. United States  47.98
  7. South Africa  46.00  21
  8. Tonga  42.42   8
  9. Samoa  41.85   18
  10. Great Britain  40.85   42
  11. Canada  40.14   34
  12. Denmark  39.73   40
  13. Germany  37.37   10
  14. Sweden  35.17   25
  15. Peace Team  35.04   10
  16. Japan  32.63   23
  17. China  32.09   10
  18. India  29.94   10
  19. Finland  29.02   13

Tonga have jumped in at no 8  with playing only 8 matches, have won 2, but their losing matches were all(but one) against nations that were 10.00 rating points or more higher than them, so in each of those games Tonga lost no Rating points.

I'm not criticising Tonga here, that's just how it has panned out, but it does tell us that we have to try and avoid those 10.00+ Rating Gap matches in all the competitions eg. IC's, ECh's, Oceania Champs etc. and even in tests when they occur from now on. Rating Gap greater than 10.00 matches generally confirm what we already knew, lower ranked nation gets a whipping.

Will be interesting to see how the teams ranked between 42.42 and 35.04 points move about in the last matches of the IC.  Top 7 pretty well reflects relative strengths at present, should see most others slot in pretty well as well.



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Game Day 7 - Live Scores
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Wednesday, August 24 2011 @ 10:11 pm ACST

Maybe so but Tonga look about right where they are now.

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