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Game Day 3 - Live Scores
Authored by: Mister Football on Thursday, August 18 2011 @ 12:10 pm ACST

Hi Jorg, no disrespect intended, I truly hope Sweden continues to improve.  Certainly from the photos I've seen of the Swedish team, quite a few of them look like fair dinkum footballers, so all the best in the future.

On a broader level, it' clear to me that if teams like NZ, PNG and Ireland are going to have squads where half a dozen or more players are playing at a good standard in Australia, then these teams are going to develop at such a rate, that the middle ranked countries like the main ones from Europe and North America, will struggle to keep up.

Also bear in mind that the AFL is already planning to have international teams appear in the Foxtel Cup.  If, for example, we reach a situation where PNG and NZ are able to play competitively against VFL/SANFL/WAFL clubs, that would be a great development, but it might also mean that these sorts of teams would simply crush everyone else ranked below 5th spot.

It's inevitable that the games development will be at different paces across the world, and big gaps will emerge.

There's a good reason why AFL teams don't play anyone else below AFL level - an aspect of Australian Football is that gaps between the quality of teams show up on the scoreboard big time - more than probably any other football code.

We don't want to come back in 3 years time and have PNG defeat someone by 40 goals.

Mister Football
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