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Bold predictions at Women\'s Launch
Authored by: Michael Christiansen on Tuesday, August 16 2011 @ 01:48 pm ACST

For a while, in the 'code vs code' debate on other sites, there would be pro-soccer people trumpeting their apparent growth in participation (real or imagined, i.e. based on actual registrations vs extrapolated survey data with potentially rubbery interpretations).

At any rate, the female side of soccer was accounting for most of the recent growth.  And that's not a bad thing.

For Aust Footy, the womens side of the game was all too long ignored - and when going head to head with basketball and soccer to line up at Govt's door looking for funding, that was an up front disadvantage (esp at the local level).

Ironically though, netball has for so long been the community partner with footy, esp in country regions.  I do just wonder going forward, will the rise of womens footy be to the detriment of netball?  and, if it is, should we even care??  I've seen recently with talk of a restructure of the VCFL, (Vic country footy) that some league chiefs reminded that the local netball had to be taken into account too.

re the 30 teams in 2014, in Australia?  what extra funding might be heading the IC's way??  Is there a magical benchmark by which the Fed Govt is effectively obliged to chip some decent dollars into it??  or is that sort of money reserved for FIFA WC bids??  (admission of bias here!!).

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