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IC11 Preview - All new GB Bulldogs pushing to achieve more
Authored by: kolja51 on Sunday, July 24 2011 @ 03:24 am ACST

 Brett, I wasn't offensive to anyone in particular, to any person, I was just commenting the design, so I might be offensive to that design, or you can say that I don't like the taste of the designer's work, but I didn't say anything against person that designed it. Reading back, I still think the same, and when someone gives me a constructive criticism I don't feel personally attacked. 

Maybe it's just me, but if I would be playing in that jumper I would keep thinking about it, therefore it would distract me from playing, but yes, that could just be for visual people, people that are design savvy. 

One more time sorry if I offended anyone in person, I was only harsh to the design, not a designer, maybe designer just had a bad day. 

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IC11 Preview - All new GB Bulldogs pushing to achieve more
Authored by: Charlie Slim on Wednesday, July 27 2011 @ 07:18 am ACST

You are a muppet!!! You have no idea about what its like to wear a jumper and play with pride and passion...... no matter what it looks like!!

Jumper does look a bit messy but it symbolises the Scottish, Welsh and English aspect of the Great Britain Aussie Rules. There has been a big divide between the countries in recent years and this jumper was designed to ease that pain. Hence there is a Scottish thistle, Welsh dragon and English rose.

The Scots, Welsh and English all compete individually in the 9-a-side EU Cup but only come together for tournaments like the International Cup, EU Championships and one-off 18-a-side matches against opposition like Ireland, Denmark, etc

We have four guys in our squad who are from Wales and one from Scotland and I bet they are pumped to being able to play in a jumper that symbolises were they are from and how much they have sacrificed (money) just to get to Australia!!! Rather than just having a Union Jack on their...

List to the anthems of New Zealand, South Africa, etc and they incorpate different parts of their history and culture and sing in different languages... (South Africa has 3 Africains, Zulu, English) Would you say their SA's flag looks a bit ugly??? 

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IC11 Preview - All new GB Bulldogs pushing to achieve more
Authored by: Goal Sneak on Friday, July 29 2011 @ 08:17 am ACST

once again speaking from a players perspective, regardless of the jumper style, whether an outsider likes it or not, there are literally hundreads of blokes in Great Britain who would itch to play for "Great Britain" and there are millions upon millions of people in the whole of the United Kingdom who will never get the chance to say "i represented Great Britain at a sport i love" so the fact you are being pathetic and criticising the way a jumper looks, well to be honest it just makes you less of a person im sorry to say.

i as a player wasnt first choice for the squad but i bust my ass off during season, down the gym and out in my back field training so that i could get a sniff at an oppertunity like this. i dont care what my jersey looks like, it could be pink with daisies and sunflowers on it as far as i care, its who im representing that counts, and thats GREAT Britain.

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