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Saturday, April 04 2020 @ 10:32 pm ACDT

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Mt Roskill Premiership Star considering a return to Cricket?
Authored by: tinka13 on Monday, September 20 2010 @ 09:44 pm ACST

Rod, how is Junior Football (outside of schools) going in NZ. Has anybody been able to get a weekly comp going. Back in 02/03 we had 2 under 12's teams (Mt Roskill and Uni) and 3 under 17's teams (Mt Roskill, Uni and Waitakarie). It was always a struggle but we were getting somewhere. Has this been passed up as too hard now??

I can see the Hawks sponsorship having a positive effect on Junior Footy, but is it only at a school level??
I'd really like to know if there's been any progress in Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton etc.

If we can get people like NASH, CROAD ETC involved in junior footy it maybe successful.
Obviously Rod, this is Forum for good news, so I understand we must talk about positive things, but like all sports, Juniors is were you have to have success!

Mt Roskill Premiership Star considering a return to Cricket?
Authored by: Rod Shaw on Friday, October 08 2010 @ 10:02 am ACDT


I think the Hawks Cup is where the effort is going and also through broad based exposure (see my latest story- Around the Grounds and the Auckland teenagers). Involvement and approval in the secondary school calendar should have huge benefits.

I guess it is another way from how you hoped that junior development would take place. As we both know there is a huge lack of available manpower/talent to coordinate anything off-field. This is Rob's way of meeting that gap.

The growth for you and I may appear slow but we are a long way away and certainly the growth keeps coming which is great.

I just know how easy it is at Mt Martha footy club which is just about the juniors. I am not on committee, but I do assistant coach my older son's team and be a helper dad at auskick for my younger son. Could you imagine there being enough people to ever allow someone like me to have that luxury in NZ? No chance- if I wanted to achieve something for footy I had to lead. There are not enough passionate ex Aussies in NZ to drive what I would think would be the traditional way forward. Rob is having a good go in another way and the Hawks involvement and approval from the NZ Secondary Schools are real feathers in the cap for AFL NZ