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Authored by: Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson on Thursday, July 29 2010 @ 01:20 am ACST

Dear Mister Football,
Although their brains might say "Ireland" they're heart says "Iceland". Yes, at least 42 ppl think Iceland will win. I even have a bet with the president of the Croatian league that Iceland will compete against Ireland in Malmö.

Dear Admin,
Although you are right in assuming that our team is young and immature (in regards to both their age and ability in Aussie Rules) you are wrong in assuming that we are idiots. The reason for 42 ppl voting for Iceland is most likely due to the fact that I raised awareness of your poll within our Facebook group (consisting mostly of players, fans, friends and family).
If I was to venture a guess I'd say that the majority of those 42 votes come from the members of the Icelandic National Team, the rest from girlfriends.

Authored by: WFN Administrator on Thursday, July 29 2010 @ 09:42 am ACST

If that is the case then I sincerely apologise. Such polls are open to abuse in that one individual is able to manipulate IP addresses etc to vote multiple times and effectively hack the website. We have had problems before. To have one team suddenly go from 3% of the votes to 40% looked very much like a hacker (hence the "idiot" and "young and immature" comment - it was directed at the potential hacker, not at Iceland). Perhaps I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Best wishes to Iceland, it is a tremendous effort for such a new footy nation to be attending the European Championships. I'll look at re-instating the votes.

Authored by: Friðgeir Torfi Ásgeirsson on Friday, July 30 2010 @ 01:46 am ACST

Hi Admin,

No need to apologize. I understand you're concern.

Hopefully we can show the poll to be correct on the 8th :-)

Thanks for the well wishes, I'll get them to the guys.