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Authored by: Bryce Stone on Wednesday, July 21 2010 @ 03:04 am ACST

Just going back to the "home" nations for a moment..

I can't speak for Scotland or England but in relation to Wales I don't envision us sending a team to the IC till at least 2017 (based on the next IC's being every 3 years) due to the substantial costs involved.

Our first goal relating to tournaments is to enter our national team Cymru Red Dragons into EU Cup this year along with playing our annual internationals against Scotland and England.

Next year possibly play one or two tests against another European nation in the Spring along with our usual internationals post season.

Then in the next few years continue to play more matches against other European countries and even a couple outside Europe with a view to enter a team into the European Championships.

Till then however, I believe it's more than likely we'll keep supporting and supplying Welsh players to the GB team for a few years yet until we are much more financially solvent to enter our national team into events such as the IC.