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IC2011 - Divisions
Authored by: Cam Homes on Tuesday, April 27 2010 @ 04:56 pm ACST

G'day Eurofooty
A premier division of 16 teams will repeat what happened last IC, the bottom teams being smashed by the top teams(repeats of NZ v India 200 to zilch). Just not good for the teams, players, spectators or for international footy all round. Even if the pools games are shortened maybe we might reduce the drubbings to 120 or 150 to 0 (still Cr-p for all concerned. IF you want to be the guy who has to tell the likes of France, China or Finland that they have to take on NZ or PNG or South Africa then be my guest.
If you have a look at the top 16 on the proposed Ranking scheme(use it only as a guide if you like) there is a gap between 10th and 12th and then another bigger gap between 12th and 14th (assuming Germany and Peace Team aren't coming) We are now into probably the Fourth Tier of teams Finland and India etc. My guess India is very likely a non-starter so 16 teams will most likely include at least one team that has never competed at 18-a-side level internationally.

Most of what you say in the rest of your comment I can go along with, but even 100-0 games have to be avoided especially if you want matches played as curtain raisers to AFL games or even VFL games. The' target' spectators need to be the wide range of immigrant Aussies living in Victotia as much as the normal AFL team follower/supporter if not more so. Those spectators will be more likely and happier to fork out a few dollars entry fee to barrack for their "home" nation team if they can be reasonably sure they are will be watching 'their' team at least score a few goals even tho they mightn't win too often.
I really do believe that a smaller premier division is vital at this stage of International Footy's development, maybe a top 16 at IC14 when hopefully there are more nations competing more 'regularly' at an international level.

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