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IC2011 - Divisions
Authored by: Cam Homes on Wednesday, April 21 2010 @ 02:56 pm ACST

Yep C might edge above B as you say, but, by reducing the number of 2 max games which we have had plenty in the previous IC's, points exchanges are smaller, might only be 0.2 or 0.5 instead of 2.00. B doesn't get any -2.00's so reducing the likelyhood of dropping below C. If C isn't getting any +2.00's even less likelyhood of climbing above B and because all the teams(half dozen or more) are close in rank then the odd wins that the B's get won't have their rise wiped out by those big 2 max losses.
Top 10 at present are all over 41 pts. not count Peace team the next bunch are below 39(2 teams) and the rest below 36pts. No 2 max games would not see the bottom ones rise above those above 41pts. not for at least a two or three games. I stiil reckon all the possible problems/apparent anomalies that appear to be in the system is because of the lack of numbers, teams and matches. So as Aaron says as more teams enter and we have more matches and we're not likely to use it until around or after the IC and we see how the IC pans out with numbers etc tweeking it is not a problem. Tweek too much and it might create bigger problems later when we have more teams and matches.

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