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IC2011 - Divisions
Authored by: Cam Homes on Wednesday, April 21 2010 @ 11:38 am ACST

If the IC11 is run as the previous ones and they continue to have classification rounds as well as finals then by having divisions the difference will be that the "losers" will be losing to different teams. Take the last four last time they were losing to the likes of NZ & PNG as well as the teams just higher than them in ablity, the middle group will be still getting their losses and the odd win against the very bottom teams. Remember China, Finland and Peace team all got in a win. If they are "top" of 2nd div they wiil get more wins and they will be against teams closer to them on the ranking scheme. Their losses won't be against teams much higher(fewer 200 zilch games) and losses that cancel out some of their gains when they win. The lower teams in the top div will get a couple of losses they wouldn't get(if they were still in the middle) but they would be against teams very close in rank so the loss won't hurt as much(smaller points exchanges) IF I can put it in a nut shell, the difference will be wins and losses against a different group of teams but a bigger ratio to teams relatively close in rank. (fewer 2 max exchange games I reckon)
I don't reckon that is a bad thing.
IF they don't have classification rounds this time it could be a little unfair to some teams.
Have a look at my old sheets if you've still got em, for the IC's (I know there are mistakes in them) but check out the number of 2 max games in IC's. Fewer of those can only be good for the teams when they lose.
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