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Is this the first step towards the Official World Rankings?
Authored by: Cam Homes on Thursday, March 18 2010 @ 12:00 pm ACDT

Jake has hit the nail on why some teams don't appear to have rankings that match that displayed at last IC. eg Canada has been the loser in all but a few of their nearly annual encounters with the US. Those losses pushing their ranking down and US up. Unfortunately that is probably the biggest problem with this system not enough games played and being played, and in the case of USA & Canada they are restricted by costs to playing each other and IC's. Peace Team who had a win at the IC and China, India and Germany are on only 5 matches. But the scheme does rank any particular team as good as its last few of games, unfortunately that can be several years old and therefore not match what all the pundits think their form or rank should be. The IRB system drops teams off if they haven't played for a few years and then they restart back in the rankings at where they left off when they play their next game. Spain is definitely in that position. I think the teams who have only played in the IC's would be in the same boat if we followed IRB on that. I keep taking the mickey a bit with Brett on this as he keeps coming up with "gut feeling" "where they deserve to be" " I think they are too high" The system rules all of that out and I'm not criticising Brett's knowledge, skill, ability to judge a teams standard on this. But the team that we all think has improved since their last game will prove us all wrong or right when they play the next one. I am confident that with the Euro Champs and the Oceania Champs coming up will help provide plenty of games to help push the nations with the longer playing records into a pretty accurate ranking reflecting their actual standard on the world stage. I think teams like PNG, NZ, GB, Denmark, Nauru, Ireland, South Africa, USA ,Samoa and even Canada (all teams with over 10 games played) do reflect their current standard (current meaning at when last game was played)
Hey! it seems I put a cat amongst the pigeons with my suggestion on a ranking scheme. I'm quite pleased about that. But I do think it is time that the International Game has one especially as the game has grown since 2003 when I started to take an interest after finding WFN and looking how Milwaukee Bombers were going back then (another story there).

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