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Wednesday, February 26 2020 @ 02:30 pm ACDT

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Is this the first step towards the Official World Rankings?
Authored by: 00Bock on Thursday, March 18 2010 @ 12:21 am ACDT

First: thanks for the attemt of an official & mathematical ranking. Of course it can't be perfect jet, but I guess we are all aiming towards a situation where internationals are held on a regular basis.

I agree with Brett: 9s should be included with a limit on points gained (and also lost). 50% of the points of full-team games would be better than 75% in my opinion. And rules should be strikt when regarding non-nationals in the team: it has been shown that the inclusion of one or two aussies can totaly change the output. Only teams from 100% local players vs teams from 100% local players. My guess is, that the only data in this context would come from the past EU cups - on footyrecord you should get info on handycap points.

An other thought I had, is to somehow include junior games. It's fair to say that if e.g. Tonga can field 18 Juniors it can field a proper team in a few years (when the system should be working more properly). That would include some games from the south pacific. though, hard to deal with NZ in that case.

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