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Two international sides for AFL Under 16 championships
Authored by: krabby_me on Friday, December 18 2009 @ 08:23 pm ACDT

Two international sides is great recognition of the tireless work that many people have been doing around the world to help grow football (im doing my bit from aust).
Not wanting to go off topic too much, but there is a growing consensus on BigFooty that SBS is a monoculture broadcaster intent on basically taking the biggest foreign TV programs that they can without representing the multicultural aspect of Australia. It is beginning to become a very monoculture (ie European) based broadcaster. Perhaps some emails to them and whoever their boss is may push them to do some stories on the International growth of football.
Perhaps a program that follows the growth of football in indiviual countries. Ie South Africa in an 8 part series, and then Denmark, followed by Canada.

Two international sides for AFL Under 16 championships
Authored by: pH on Monday, December 21 2009 @ 09:57 am ACDT

Lobbying SBS makes sense, Craig Foster seems to snear every time he has to report on an AFL game whilst giving the news, and then his face and tone of voice brighten considerably for the next item on the EPL or some other soccer report. He's entitled to his personal opinion, but as the main sports news commentator for SBS he should be more even-handed.