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Feature Article: Melbourne in pole position for IC11
Authored by: Troy Thompson on Sunday, May 10 2009 @ 10:42 pm ACST

I would like to see the possibility of some sort of Rest of the World team. I never would have suggested this before the Peace Team, but I think that precedent has opened the way for other 'Non Country' teams. (Personally i am a bit of an elitist and I admit this train of thought is not consistent with that). The main reason I suggest this is that I think that nationals from countries not represented but are playing the game (such as in countries where footy is expat dominated, or financially not an option) and are considered good players in those countries may never get the chance to play in an IC, but may be much better players than those attending - thus devaluing the selected "World Team". It could be multiple teams such as Rest of Europe, Rest of Asia, Rest of Oceania. Not really for the sake of more teams but for the sake of opportunity and to some extent "inclusionism".

I have had comment on this before that it is bad luck and it just means those guys in those countries then have all the incentive to get the numbers and finances to get a team there. The guys in Germany come to mind for me, the league admirably wants to save their dollars and not attend IC, but may have a good number of guys who deserve to be there. I have no doubt anyone who played in such a group representative team would prefer to play under their own country's banner and maybe this would even spur those particpants to make that happen three years on.

Of course it is not as simple as saying "lets just give them a team" funding, coaching, support, team makeup etc.(and all the other issues IC teams have to go through would all be ahead of this). Just interested to hear whether anyone else thinks there is any merit in this?

The IC "no expats" policy is actually a foreign (no pun intended) thing when it comes to rep footy which for the vast majority of rep games ever played is selected from the best available players of a league regardless of origin or background - the high profile of State of Origin footy which by footy standards is a relatively recent concept has really only existed at the highest levels of the game. So it has not been unusual in many leagues for players to go into rep games having only trained a few times together - so such a thing could be organised on the back of a couple of trainings on the ground before competing in an IC.