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World Footy Census 2004 - Summary
Authored by: flyinghigh on Thursday, January 22 2009 @ 09:08 pm ACDT

hi brett...this is a older story now and just inquring if your team will be doing another census soon...mad about int footy and would love to see the stats as they stand now

World Footy Census 2004 - Summary
Authored by: Brett Northey on Thursday, January 22 2009 @ 09:25 pm ACDT

I'm a junkie for those kinds of stats too.

I fully intended to do it again at the end of 2007. Then 2008. It didn't happen.

It's simply a matter of not having the time. Happily international footy keeps growing, but that means the demands on our time to keep up is also growing. We try to bring in more volunteers but managing that process is itself time consuming and then you lose some more people (unfortunately people also have lives!) and the process starts again.

The AFL did do some surveying and have done a more formal process late in 2008, so we may ask them about those results. I was keen if/when I did the census again to use the same criteria so the results could be directly compared, whereas the AFL's criteria I think were different.

2008 was very busy with the IC08 and I've been very pre-occupied upgrading the underlying site software, so it just hasn't been practical to do it recently.

The short answer is: maybe at the end of 2009, but no promises.

Brett Northey - Co-founder and Chief Editor of WFN